‘There is much that is written about the formative years of childhood, particularly as it relates to parents and siblings – far less about other relationships equally important and pivotal in our balanced development as creative, sensitive and fulfilled adults. It is a matter of utmost concern for our longevity as a species and the quality of our individual and collective lives that we learn to appreciate that we owe everything to the earth that birthed us. Without this we are disconnected from life and grow up with all the imbalances of the unloved orphan forever searching for love through possession and control. Without strong affective bonds we seek a relationship with our world by living out the fear and distress of our abandonment. Without the deep knowledge of belonging we work out our anger, taking savage swipes at our betrayer. If we do not come to understand the true and vast value of air, trees, sunlight and the many beings with whom we share space, we will of course behave as if they were expendable. We can name gods to our heart’s content, but if they shift our attention away from the profound mystery of our familial relationship with nature, they do us no good service. She is the centre.’

– Mac Macartney, Finding Earth, Finding Soul: the Invisible Path to Authentic Leadership

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