who do you stand for?


‘I’m not a feminine man. I’ve lived my life as a man, I love many manly things, but I’m devoted to the feminine and I feel I owe everything to the feminine, and it helps when someone like me speaks to those things in men because they feel safe. It’s why I can speak to the police or the military. They recognise some part of themselves in me.

In any institution that wields power, especially when it’s explicit and physical, like the military, I’m really speaking to the higher calling. So it’s about who do you stand for? And I just talk to them about the things they find beautiful. And when you seek out those tender sensitive places, and the things about which they feel protective, their children, their partners, beauty, nature, all those things awaken this deep longing to cease to be strangers in this beautiful world. It’s about ennobling what they do, and involving the highest aspect of their humanity in what they do, and they can’t help it, they start getting choked up, and I don’t stop, I keep plowing on and they feel very uncomfortable but I think it’s good.

I don’t talk about god because that doesn’t resonate for me, and I would rarely use a word like ‘divine.’ But I do talk about our Mother Earth. I do that a lot because if I didn’t do it I wouldn’t feel I was being truthful. And I talk about her in the context of all these aspects of our world that we have neglected, enslaved, broken, hurt and assaulted in so many different ways. And it’s like a Native American elder said to me, ‘Mac you must kneel to the rose, she is the only one to whom you should kneel, she is the goddess, she is everything, kneel to nothing and no one but her.’’

– Mac Macartney, founder of Embercombe, author of ‘Finding Earth Finding Soul, the Invisible Path to Authentic Leadership.’ Story as told to Clare.

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