a listening earth, by Hilary Hart


A Listening Earth

She hears everything.
It gets under her skin.

She hears all the promises and the lies
She hears the need, and she has a real ear for despair

She hears love never landing anywhere. It makes a thudding sound as it bounces off
her back
into the air.
She doesn’t have hands to hold it.

Mostly, she suffers the tinitus of love’s absence.
White noise that eats away at her.

Every now and then, it’s hard to take.
So there’s a tsunami, and we all freak.

She’s listening.
A little sigh comes from a woman who sees her lover,
Coyote catches a rabbit; the rabbit’s skin makes a tearing sound.
She rests for a moment,
in all the music.

The flowers are bright.
The waves crash.
Baby birds cry,
and fledge.

The simplicity of it all
rings out.

And someone, somewhere,
turns, round and round – seeing, hearing –
saying, “thank you”
to nobody.

by Hilary Hart.

Join us on Friday March 2 at 6.30 pm for a conversation with Hilary about the union of the masculine and feminine, or sign up for her one-day workshop! Tickets available here.

hilaryHilary’s writing and teaching focus on women’s spiritual power and the role it can play in our global evolution. Her most recent book, Body of Wisdom, brings together dreams and experiences of women with teachings from today’s most visionary spiritual leaders to describe the esoteric foundations of women’s power and its functions in our collective evolution.

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