Tara And The Tears of Avalokitesvara, Sahajatara Blake


‘The earth goddess Drittar is very important in the story of the Buddha’s enlightenment. The Buddha-to-be is seated on the diamond throne and Mara appears and asks, what right do you have to take your seat on the diamond throne? And the Buddha says he has the right because he’s practised the perfections for countless lifetimes: so he’s practised generosity, ethics, patience, energy, meditation and wisdom for countless lifetimes. Mara says, who saw you practising the perfections for countless lifetimes? And the Buddha-to-be touches the earth with his fingertips, he makes the earth touching mudra, and the earth goddess Drittar appears, and she says, ‘I’ve seen him.’

Listen to a talk given by Sahajatara Blake, one of the panelists at our upcoming event on the Feminine and Spiritual Authority! This talk was recorded at the Brighton Buddhist Centre in 2015.

Join us on Friday May 4 at 6.30pm for the next event in the series, The Feminine and Spiritual Authority: Christian, Buddhist and Muslim Perspectives, with Remona Aly, Sahajatara Blake and Samantha Wernham! Book tickets here!

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