‘The feminine holds the mystery of creation. This simple and primordial truth is often overlooked, but at this time of global crisis, which also carries the seeds of a global transformation, we need to reawaken to the spiritual power and potential of the feminine.’ – Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

This is the blog for the event series The Feminine and the Seeds of the Future, which runs from February – June 2018 in London, UK. The programme explores the role the feminine has to play in birthing the future we long for. What if we treated the Earth as our mother? What if we re-infused our culture with feminine values of interconnectedness, embodiment and reverence for all life? What if we changed our concept of activism so it was grounded in the feminine principles of listening, receiving, holding space and giving nourishment?

To find out more or book tickets visit the eventbrite page.

The programme includes:

A series of public talks and one-day workshops on different aspects of the feminine.

February 2, 6.30 pm: Mac Macartney. The Feminine and the Seeds of the Future.

March 2 , 6.30 pm: Hilary Hart. Men, Women, Masculine, Feminine – Making Sense of the Two in the One.

March 4, 10 – 5 pm: Hilary Hart, one day workshop

April 6, 6.30 pm: Pat McCabe. Indigenous Wisdom of the Feminine.

April 8, 10-5pm: Pat McCabe, one-day workshop.

May 4, 6.30 pm: Samantha Whernam, Remona Aly and Sahajatara Blake. Living the feminine within our faith traditions

June 1, 6.30 pm: Justine Huxley and Ruth Scott. Darkness, Imperfection and the Feminine

There will also be a series of gatherings where a small group of women may explore these themes more deeply through dialogue, group exercises, ritual and silence. These women’s circles, which need to be booked in advance, will be held February 17 (a one-day workshop from 10 – 5), March 16, 6.30 pm, April 20, 6.30 pm, May 18, 6.30pm, June 22, 6.30pm.


Evening talks: £12 full price, £10 concession

Series pass to attend all 4 public talks: £45.00

One-day workshops: Given by Hilary Hart and Pat McCabe respectively. Each workshop costs £80.00 for the day. A limited number of concession tickets are available, costing £55.00.

Cost for participating in the Women’s Circle, which includes all the evening public talks: £160 full price, £120 concession. Tickets for the women’s circle are not available on this eventbrite page, if interested in the women’s circle contact clare@workingwithoneness.org, and please write a few lines about why you are drawn to participate. Closing date January 15 2018. If you would like to find out more, feel free to ring Clare on 0776 1111 325.

Women’s Circle

This programme offers a small group of women a chance to explore the feminine through a series of workshops. The idea is to create a shared community of practice over the course of 5 months, supporting each other to apply feminine principles in action in service to life. Collectively we will work with feeling, relationship, intuition and receptivity as pathways of discovery. When considering what ‘feminine action in service to life’ means to us, we will measure the impact by how the action feels, what beauty it brings, and whether it sparks greater intimacy and connection within the web of life.

The women’s circle comprises: 1 introductory workshop (1 day); a series of evening gatherings, held on the 3rd Friday of each month in March, April and May, and free entry to evening public talks

Participants will be offered:

– a space to connect, through meditation, ritual, discussion

– a safe, structured context in which to explore putting feminine principles in action

– a community of people to work with and to learn from, and collaborative tools to support the exchange of energy and ideas

Participants will be asked to:

…engage in a project or outer practice that puts feminine principles into action. The nature of each person’s contribution will be unique to them. Some people might have existing projects that they are already working on. Others may wish to offer support to other people’s visions. For some, taking action from the feminine may mean bringing care and attention to seemingly small, intimate things. For others it may involve stepping up to leadership on a bigger scale. However each person feels drawn to act is valid, there is no right or wrong way. The point is to commit to do something, to give and receive help from within the group, and to be willing to share what you have learned.

Artist in residence

Applications are welcome for the position of artist in residence for the series. The successful applicant will receive free entry to all the events. Artists working in any medium are welcome to apply – writers, visual artists, performers, etc. All that we ask is that you produce some work in response to the themes of the series and that you share your work as widely as possible! Please write to clare@workingwithoneness.org outlining what you would bring to this role.

This series of events is sponsored by workingwithoneness.org and is part of an on-going work exploring the vital contribution of feminine wisdom and her principles of interconnection, inclusion, compassion, co-creation and unity.