Join us for one of the talks or workshops:

March 2 , 6.30 pm: Hilary Hart. Men, Women, Masculine, Feminine – Making Sense of the Two in the One.

March 4, 10 – 5 pm: Hilary Hart. Listening as a Container for Union, one day workshop.

April 6, 6.30 pm: Pat McCabe. Indigenous Wisdom of the Feminine.

April 8, 10-5pm: Pat McCabe, one-day workshop.

May 4, 6.30 pm: Samantha Wernham, Remona Aly and Sahajatara Blake. Living the feminine within our faith traditions.

June 1, 6.30 pm: Justine Huxley and Ruth Scott. Darkness, Imperfection and the Feminine.

tickets available here.