Darkness, Imperfection and the Feminine

Join us for the last event in the series! On Friday June 1, 6.30 pm, at St Ethelburga’s Centre in London,  Justine Huxley and Ruth Scott will be speaking about Darkness, Imperfection and the Feminine.

The Nightmare by Henry Fuesli

What can the feminine teach us about how to relate to darkness? We live in a culture that rewards success and is often merciless towards failure. The demand to be perfect can be crippling. Our collective worship of progress, success and achievement has left failure, vulnerability and imperfection by the wayside. These are all intrinsic experiences that belong to life, yet often we pretend they don’t exist, or we condemn them, both in ourselves and in other people.

How can we reclaim the ancient feminine wisdom that respects the destructive power of our darkness, and finds ways to include, celebrate, and harmonise it? Many archetypal stories of the feminine involve a descent into the fertile darkness from which new life may be born. We live in a time of ecological unraveling, when every environmental news story points to a tide of darkness and destruction that is rising ever higher. What gifts can the feminine bring, to help us respond to this darkness with respect for the greater mystery of which it forms a part?

As change makers, what might we gain from embracing our weaknesses as a source of creative power? And how might our warm, gentle welcoming of the darkness in our own lives, allow us to relate more deeply to all that we hope to transform?

Join peacemakers Justine Huxley and Ruth Scott for a conversation that is unafraid to welcome failure, doubt, conflict and discomfort, recognising that each may be a pathway that takes us deeper into the heart of love.

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justine-1Justine Huxley is the Director of St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace where she has worked for over 10 years. St Ethelburga’s work is about enabling people from diverse backgrounds to collaborate across differences to build a global culture of peace. It works with leadership, particularly in the younger generation, with sacred activism, spiritual ecology, community reconciliation, and with refugees. St Ethelburga’s programmes call us to reconnect with our deepest values and sense of meaning, and to co-create action in the world that comes from that place.

Justine has a Ph.D in psychology, with a background in business communications and 5 years of experience on the trading floor of a City investment bank. She is passionate about bringing people together from different backgrounds and co-creating innovative projects that speak to the needs of the time. She brings a wealth of experience in deep listening, facilitation, and working with emergent process. Justine belongs to a Sufi Order and has been leading meditation and dreamwork groups in London for over 15 years.

ruthRuth Scott is a facilitator, trainer and mediator. She was among the first women ordained as priests in the Church of England in 1994. She has subsequently become a member of the Quakers. For the last 20 years she has worked primarily in the field of conflict transformation.

For many years she worked in interfaith dialogue with Muslim and Jewish colleagues here and abroad, most particularly as a committee member of the Interfaith Foundation. She runs a workshop, Women Together, Standing Tall, for survivors of sexual violence, which she led first in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for women raped as a weapon of war. She returns regularly to Egypt to run the workshop for women who have experienced FGM and sexual abuse. Most recently she has facilitated training for Iraqi civil and religious leaders working to address religious intolerance and hatred in Iraq. She was on the Design and Facilitator Teams commissioned by the House of Bishops to run the series of Shared Conversations across the Church of England around issues of human sexuality, and continues to work as a mediator and facilitator in Church conflicts.

She was a BBC Radio 2 ‘Pause for Thought’ presenter for 18 years, and broadcasts regularly with Chris Evans and Clare Balding. She runs retreats, and lectures and leads workshops here and abroad on leadership, trauma and working constructively with conflict. Her fourth book, The Power of Imperfection, came out in 2014.