Pat McCabe one day workshop

Join us on Sunday April 8 from 10 am – 5pm, at St Ethelburga’s Centre in London, when Pat McCabe will be giving a one-day workshop.

Pat McCabe

This event is open to men and women. The first half of the day will be spent in a re-framing from an indigenous perspective about who the Woman is to Creation, and who Creation is to the Woman. As we begin to reconsider who the woman is, and what the Feminine energetic is, we also begin to reconsider who the man is, and also the Masculine energetic. This work arose from an inquiry: if humanity was given a place on the Sacred Hoop of Life, it follows that they must also have been given a perfect design to uphold their part of the Hoop. In what ways do we enact our design, and in what ways are we working against our perfect and inherent design? What is the Feminine contribution to upholding our, humanity’s, part of the Hoop? How has this been prevented? What are the consequences of the Feminine being prevented from enacting her design for Thriving Life? We have many crucial clues from indigenous culture to have a deeper understanding of what is at stake for all of us, as well as all Life, when the essential medicine from the Feminine is suppressed, maligned, or misunderstood. This is what the reframing will examine.

The second half of our time together will include a drum journey, and ritual release from our time together back into our individual but connected paths.

This body of knowledge has been being articulated and expanded from spiritual guidance, as well as from participation in traditional indigenous ceremonies.

This work fully acknowledges that gender as expressed in humanity is a spectrum, not a binary. And while the information discussed holds that awareness, the focus and understanding at this point is looking at interplay between masculine and feminine, and in between men and women.

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Pat-McCabe-MythAbout Pat McCabe
Woman Stands Shining, Pat McCabe, has the honour of being of the Dine (Navajo) Nation. She brings the understanding of Indigenous ways of knowing into discussion and inquiry on Sustainability. She carries the foundation of Beauty and Spirit into places where it has been kept out. Pat is an active participant in Indigenous Peoples gatherings worldwide including Chile, Belgium, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico and Bali. She has worked with the International Center for Cultural Studies in India and with Sarvodaya with Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne in Sri Lanka, as well as with organizations and gatherings in the U.S. She has been a cultural consultant to the Pachamama Alliance, presenting at the 2013and 2014 National Bioneers Conference, and presenting on “The Feminine Design and Sustainability” in the U.S. and Internationally.

She first came to the UK in 2014, as an invited guest to the New Story Summit at Findhorn Community, Scotland. She also visited Devon that year, and returned to lead sessions of the Becoming Indigenous course at Schumacher College in 2015.